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Dưới đây là một số cataloge của sản phẩm Pem. các bạn click vào lick để xem thông số kỹ thuật của từng loại.

1. ALA – Floating Self-Clinching Fasteners – Types A4, AS, AC, LA4, LAC, LAS

floating fasteners

These fasteners provide load bearing threads in thin sheets and permit up to .030″/0.76mm adjustment for mating hole misalignmen

AS 440 2 ZI
| | | |
Type Thread Size Shank Code Plating Designation (steel only)
AS – Steel, Non Locking
AC – Stainless, Non Locking
LAS – Steel, Locking
LAC – Stainless, Locking
A4 – Stainless, Non Locking, Installs Into Stainless Sheet
LA4 – Stainless, Locking, Installs Into Stainless Sheet
2. B – Blind – Types B, BS
blind fasteners
Blind fasteners provide permanently mounted blind threads in metal sheets as thin as .040″/1mm. They provide a barrier to protect threads against foreign matter and limit screw penetration.
B S 832 2 ZI
| | | | |
Type Fastener Material
Thread Size Shank Code Plating Designation
B – Steel Blind Nut
BS – Stainless Steel Blind But

Click here: Cataloge B data – Blind – Types B, BS

3. CL – Standard Profile – Types CLA, CLS, CLSS, H, HN, HNL, S, SL, SS, SMPP, SMPS, SP

standard nuts

Provides standard profile load bearing internal threads in sheets as thin as .025 ” / 0.64 mm.

S 440 2 ZI
| | | |
Type Thread Size Shank Code Plating Designation (ZI on steel nuts, none on stainlessand aluminum nuts)
CLA – Nuts, Aluminum
CLS, CLSS – Nuts, Stainless Steel
H – Nuts, Steel, Non Locking
HN – Nuts. Steel, Non Locking
S, SS – Nuts, Steel
SMPP, SMPS – Nuts For Thin Sheets,Stainless
SP – Nuts, Stainless Steel For Use In Stainless Sheets

4. F – Flush – Type F, F4

flush nuts

PEMSERT® self-clinching flush nuts are designed to be completely flush in sheets as thin as .060″/1.5mm. These fasteners are ideal for applications where a thin sheet requires load-bearing threads but still must remain smooth, with no protrusions on either surface.

F 440 2
| | |
Type Thread Size Shank Code
F – Nuts, PEMSERT Stainless Steel Flush Nut

5. FE – Miniature – Types FE, FEO, FEOX, FEX, U, UL

miniature nuts

PEM® brand miniature fasteners fit into a minimal space and provide strong, reusable threads. These fasteners provide immediate visual indication when proper installation has been accomplished.

UL 632 1 MD
| | | |
Type Thread Size Shank Code Plating Designation (CW or MD on self-locking None on non-locking)
FE – Self-Locking, Long Shank
FEO – Self-Locking, Short Shank
FEOX – Non-Locking, Short Shank
FEX – Non-Locking, Long Shank
U – Non Locking
UL – Locking

6. LN – All Metal, Locking Thread – Types FE, FEO, LA4, LAC, LAS, LK, LKA, LKS, SL, PEM RT®, UL

all metal locking thread nuts

Provides prevailing torque thread locking capability to resist vibrational loosening

7. LN  – Nylon Insert, Locking Thread – Types CFN, PL, PLC

nylon insert locking thread nuts

A nylon hexagonal element provides a reusable, non-metallic prevailing torque thread lock. The strong knurled collar receives the installation force and resists torque. The spin resistance of the knurl greatly exceeds the torque that can be exerted by the self-locking feature.

LN data – All Metal, Locking Thread – Types FE, FEO, LA4, LAC, LAS, LK, LKA, LKS, SL, PEM RT®, UL, CFN, PL, PLC

Click here: Cataloge Nylon Insert, Locking Thread – Types CFN, PL, PLC

8. RA – Right Angle – Type RAA, RAS

right angle nuts

Self-Clinching PEM® R’ANGLE® fasteners provide you with strong right angle attachment points in sheets as thin as .040″/1.02mm. R’ANGLE fasteners are cost-effective replacements for: bent edge tabs, bent center tabs, bent flanges, angle brackets, tack welds, and loose hardware.

RAA 4 9 6
| | | |
Type and Material Screw Size Code Height Code Length Code
RAA – Right Angle, Aluminum
RAS – Right Angle, Steel

9. SFN – Spinning Flare Nut – Type SFN™

spinning flare nuts

PEM® Type SFN™ spinning flare nut is a one piece, flanged hex nut that installs by simply pressing it into a properly sized, prepunched embossed mounting hole. The nut is permanently captive and still spins freely in the sheet. This allows quick attachment to mating hardware, eliminating much of the need for loose fasteners

| | | |
Type Thread Code Shank Code Finish

10. Hard Panel Nuts – Type SH™

hard panel nuts

PEM® Type SH installs into thin, harder, high strength steel materials. They allow for overall weight reduction for all vehicles. As well as address environmental / recycle concerns, provide lower installed costs, and allow component standardization.

0420 1 X
| | |
Type Thread Size Code Shank Code Finish Code
0420 20 ZI
| | |
Type Thread Size Code Shank Code Finish Code


11. Flush-Head – Types FH, FH4, FHA, FHP, FHS

flush head studs and pins


Available in steel, aluminum and stainless steel, PEM standard flush-head studs are designed to be installed in sheets as thin as .040″ / 1 mm.

FH A 632 6 ZI
| | | | |
Type Fastener Material
Thread Size Length Code Plating Designation
FH – Heat-Treated Carbon Steel
FH4 – 400 Series Stainless Steel
FHA – Aluminum
FHP – Precipitation Hardening Grade Stainless Steel
FHS – 300 Series Stainless Steel
12. Concealed Head – Types CFHA, CFHC, CHA, CHC
concealed head studs and pins
PEM self-clinching concealed-head studs install permanently in steel or aluminum sheets as thin as .062″ / 1.6mm to provide strong and reusable threads for mating hardware in a wide range of thin-metal assembly applications.
CH C 632 6
| | | |
Type Fastener Material
Thread Size Length Code
CFHA – Aluminum
CFHC– 300 Series Stainless Steel
CHA– Aluminum
CHC– 300 Series Stainless Steel
14. Thru-hole, Threaded and Unthreaded- Types SO, SO4, SOA, SOS
thru-hole threaded and unthreaded standoffs types SO, SO4, SOA, SOS
PEM® brand thru-hole threaded standoffs are installed with their heads flush with one surface of the mounting sheet. Unthreaded standoffs are also available for spacing multi-panel assemblies.
SO S 440 8 ZI
| | | | |
Type Fastener Material
Thread Size Length Code Plating Designation
SO – Heat-Treated Carbon Steel
SO4 – 400 Series Stainless Steel
SOA – Aluminum
SOS – 300 Series Stainless Steel

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